Marketing and the Civil Rights Movement In the U.S and West Germany

The Post World War II era represented an interesting time in the United States and West Germany.  In the United States there rose a nation that began to be dominated more and more by consumerism and the redefining the American Dream to a point where it became more about materialism.  In West Germany there was a nation in shambles that was being slowly put back together by other nations and became more and more dominated by American culture.  

During this time period the civil rights movement began to pick up steam and blacks were beginning to draw closer and closer into being considered equal citizens by law, however there was much resitance among whites in the treatment of blacks.  At the same time, there issued in a new era of marketing called segmented marketing that focused on setting target customers in order to gain more sales out of products.  This Digital Exhibit reflects advertising and marketing during that era and the preera in both the United States and West Germany to show how marketing has both caused the segregation of the nations and how it had helped integrate the nations.



Harrison Mateika